CapriCMW Insurance - Commercial Equine Enterprise Liability Program
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Commercial Equine Enterprise Liability Program

The program provides General Liability coverage to Commercial Equine Enterprise. Covered operations include, riding instruction, boarding operations, breeding operations, trail and pack trip operations, pony ride operators, transporters of horses, trainers and coaches, organizers of horse shows and equine events.


Limits available are $2,000,000 to $5,000,000 (Higher limits available)


Commercial General Liability
$1,000 Reimbursement (deductible)
Coverage includes the following extensions:
Personal Injury
Cross Liability
Broad Form Property Damage
Non-Owned Automobile
Contingent Employers Liability
Medical Payments
Injury to Participants covered except for "Rough Stock Rodeo Events"
Employees as Additional Insured's
Occurrence Property Damage
Broad Form Completed Operations
Attached Machinery
Blanket Contractual
Incidental First Aid
$1,000,000 All Risk Tenants Legal Liability
$1,000,000 Forest Fire Fighting Expense
Medical Payments: $2,500 per person/$25,000 per occurrence
Stablemen's Legal Liability where applicable (up to $250,000 any one animal)


1) General to All Operations:
  1. Minimum 3 years in operation or Minimum 5 years riding experience (except Farriers who must have certification from a recognized school).
  2. No Losses during the past years.
2) For Specific Operations:
  1. Operations involving Pony Rides, Teamster/Wagon Rides and Trail Rides/Pack Trips must meet specific operational requirements set out by the Insurer.

  • Where applicable, all Participants will sign a Release and Acknowledgement of Risk Form. Failure to obtain such forms could adversely affect my insurance coverage.
  • Accident Report Forms will be completed and submitted to the Insurer in the event of any known incident involving Bodily Injury or Property Damage.
  • That the insurance applied for is based solely on the information I have provided on the form.
  • That misrepresentation by me of the information provided will render this insurance Null and Void
  • This policy excludes all claims or actions arising directly or indirectly from Abuse.

AT ALL TIMES, I am responsible for following Risk Management practices that include, but are not limited to:
  • Using / providing horses that are trained and suited for their intended purpose, are sound and in good health to ensure the safety of all customers / participants / recipients of the services I provide
  • Using / providing, tack, vehicles or equipment that are suitable for their intended purpose, are in good repair to ensure the safety of all customers / participants / recipients of the services I provide.
  • Ensuring that employees, volunteers, contract workers who are in contact with customers/ participants are trained and capable to perform their duties as assigned and are over the age of 16.
  • Ensuring that the environment is safe for customers to participate in the activity / service provided by way of personal and regular evaluation and assessment and withdrawing / stopping service if the environment changes adversely.
  • Making available appropriate First Aid and emergency response at the time service is provided. This means having at least one individual available at all times who is certified / trained for the rendering of medical aid as appropriate.
  • Providing a timely and written account of incidents to the insuring company or its representatives by way of an accident reporting form in each circumstance where bodily injury occurs.
  • Not offering /providing riding instruction to persons who are under the age of 5 years.
  • Where required, ensuring that all mounted customers / participants are equipped with a helmet designed for equine activities and hard soled shoes with a raised heel and closed toe.
  • No stallions, horses under five years of age, or horses with a condition or disposition known to be hazardous to riders will be provided to anyone participating in lessons.

The program is offered in every Province and Territory in Canada (except Quebec)